Embers - Sándor Márai, Carol Brown Janeway

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"It would be good to know, [...] whether such a thing as friendship actually exists. [...] Sometimes I almost believe it is the most powerful bond in life and consequently the rarest. [...] Friendship, of course, is quite different from the affairs of those driven by morbid impulses to satisfy themselves in some fashion with others of the same sex. The eros of friendship has no need of the body... [...] I have seen sympathy build between people, but it has always foundered in a morass of vanity and egoism. Sometimes camaraderie and fellowship look like friendship; common interests can bring about relationships akin to friendship, and in an attempt to escape loneliness, people are only too happy to involve themselves in confidences that they will later regret, but that temporarily may appear to be a variety of friendship. None of this is genuine. It is far more the case [...] that friendship is a duty."



Sándor Márai

This book is great!