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 [The Secret Speech + Leo Demidov #2 + Tom Rob Smith + 5★]

[Agent 6 + Leo Demidov #3 + Tom Rob Smith + 5★]


Genre: Historical Fiction + Thriller 

My Thoughts: These final two books went in directions I wasn't expecting. Now the policy is the protagonist - an interesting view of the Soviet Union history. The books are very well written and with engaging plot twists. A great historical thriller and an incredible series conclusion!


[Hard Time + Cara McKenna + 3.5★]


Genre: Contemporary Romance 

My Thoughts: The first part of the book was great! The letters were HOT and I couldn't stop reading. In the second half of the book there was something missing. I wanted to see more of Eric and Annie building a healthy and strong relationship.


[The Will + Magdalene #1+ Kristen Ashley + 5★]


Genre: Contemporary Romance 

My Thoughts: I LOVED IT! There is nothing that bothers me about this book. I loved the hero, the heroine (well... all the characters) and the plot. Loved everything! ❤ Recommended!


[Tall, Dark & Lonely + Pyte/Sentinel  #1 + R. L. Mathewson + 3★]


Genre: Paranormal Romance 

My Thoughts: I was a little disappointed with this one. I loved this author’s Neighbors from Hell series, but this just didn't work very well for me. The prologue was great and some scenes were hilarious, but the story didn't make much sense.


[The Law of Attraction + Lawyers in Love #1 + N. M Silber + 4★] 

[The Home Court Advantage + Lawyers in Love #2 + N. M Silber + 3.5★]

[Legal Briefs + Lawyers in Love #3 + N. M Silber + 4★]


Genre: Contemporary Romance + Humor

My Thoughts: What a good surprise! This series was a fun read. No angst, no drama. All the characters are sweet and crazy (in a good way) and it's impossible not to like them. I'll definitely check out the rest of the series.


[Rule's Obsession + The House Of Rule #1 + Lynda Chance + 2.5★]


Genre: Contemporary Romance + Short Story

My Thoughts: This was a quick read, but not as good as I wanted it to be. The dialogue didn't seem real, there was something odd about the hero and I couldn't feel the connection between the couple. If you want to read a book from this author, I recommend Marco's Redemption and Under the Cowboy's Control.