I've been tagged by HUNGER FOR KNOWLEDGE http://hfk.booklikes.com/ - thanks ;) - so here goes!


BOOKLET OR TOME? Tome. I'm not afraid of long books. The bigger the better.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW? New. I never buy used books, but I'm always picking up books from the library.


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY? Don't make me choose one! But I think most of my bookshelf is filled with fantasy books.


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK? Paperback. But I always buy the hardcover when the bank account allows. After all, I'm just a poor (jobless) student. 


FUNNY OR SAD? Sad (with a happy ending). I don't like books classified as funny - I read, but they're not usually my favorites. I prefer that laugh that comes when you least expect it.


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? Hahahahahaha. Sorry, I had to laugh at this question. Winter? What is winter? In the place I live in Brazil is summer 12 months a year. I don't even have a coat. It would be sad if I preferred reading in winter.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM? I love both genres. But if I really had to choose, I would say classics. They will always have a special place in my heart. Isn't that right, Jane Austen?


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION? FICTION. In capital letters. Non-fiction are 0.5% of my bookshelf and I've never bought a guidebook.


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Can I be honest? I don't really know the difference. All I know is that action plus suspense equals my true love (yeah, I have a big heart).


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION? I will always prefer print edition. However, I like to read books in English and they are not easy to find (at least where I live). So, I surrender to e-books and my Kindle is my best friend. Thank you, Amazon Brazil. ;)


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT? Collecting. Too bad I can't exhibit my e-books on my shelves.


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Like I said before, I buy a lot of books on the internet. But I love to spend some time in a bookstore and buy a paperback or a hardcover when it's po$$ible. 


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION? BothI read whatever I am in the mood for.


BEST OR BAD SELLER? Both. I don't care much about that. 


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK? Neither. I'm a clumsy cook. The kitchen and I are not compatible.


That was fun! Feel free to tag me anytime!


Now I'm supposed to tag someone, right?
Well, I tag everyone! Don't be shy. ;-)