Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

[Unravel Me + Shatter Me #2 + Tahereh Mafi + Read Jan 2014 + 3.5★]


[Book Description]


Juliette is still haunted by her deadly touch. But now that she has teamed up with other rebels with powers of their own, she'll be able to fight back against The Reestablishment to save her broken world. With the help of these new allies, she'll also finally learn the secret behind Adam's—and Warner's—immunity to her killer skin.


 [My Thoughts & Favorite Quotes]




“He sees me for what I am and expects me to live up to that potential.
Scary, monstrous girl with the lethal touch. Sad, pathetic girl with nothing else to contribute to this world. Good for nothing but a weapon, a tool for torture and taking control. That’s what he wants from me.”


✳ It takes some time for Juliette to accept her new reality. She's not alone. The world doesn't look like she remembers. And she must fight.
✳ I understand that change is never easy and she was treated like a monster her whole life, but Juliette was very immature most part of the story. She blamed herself for everything and never took initiative. Please, stop feeling sorry for yourself!


“Bullshit.” […] “All you do is sit around and think about your feelings. You’ve got problems. Boo-freaking-hoo,” he says. “Your parents hate you and it’s so hard but you have to wear gloves for the rest of your life because you kill people when you touch them. Who gives a shit?” […] “As far as I can tell, you’ve got food in your mouth and clothes on your back and a place to pee in peace whenever you feel like it. Those aren’t problems. That’s called living like a king. And I’d really appreciate it if you’d grow the hell up and stop walking around like the world crapped on your only roll of toilet paper. Because it’s stupid,” he says, barely reining in his temper. “It’s stupid, and it’s ungrateful. You don’t have a clue what everyone else in the world is going through right now. You don’t have a clue, Juliette. And you don’t seem to give a damn, either.”


✳ But, at least at the end of the book, she seemed to realize how powerful she can be. Let's see what is going to happen next...


"I’m ready to do something I’ll definitely regret and this time I don’t care. I’m done being nice. I’m done being nervous. I’m not afraid of anything anymore."


✳ I really like the others characters: Adam, Kenji, Castle, Warner and even Anderson - I love to hate him.
✳ The love triangle: Juliette annoyed me so much that I don't think she deserves anyone of them.
✳ But... I'm still Team Adam - as in "I want him for me" - though I think Warner really loves her and deserves a happy ending. Aaron and Juliette could be good for each other.


“You wrote a lot of things,” he says, not looking at me. “About your parents, your childhood, your experiences with other people. You talked about hope and redemption and what it would be like to see a bird fly by. You wrote about pain. And what it’s like to think you’re a monster. What it was like to be judged by everyone before you’d even spoken two words to them.” A deep inhale. “So much of it was like seeing myself on paper,” he whispers. “Like reading all the things I never knew how to say.