Cherry Girl: Blackstone Affair 3.5 - Raine Miller

[Cherry Girl + The Blackstone Affair #3.5 + Raine Miller + Read Jan 2014 + 4★]


[My Thoughts & Favorite Quotes]


"Waiting and waiting forever. For you. Waiting for you to grow up. Waiting for you to see me as something more than just a friend of Ian's. Waiting for the right time to tell you how I fell about you. [...] Just a very long time of waiting, Elaina."




✳ Beautiful story of first love and second chances.
✳ In the beginning I had a hard time connecting with Elaina and Neil.
✳ Neil is a sweet guy. Sometimes too sweet...
✳ There were times in the story that broke my heart and others that made laugh.
✳ I really liked the love scenes. Sexy!
✳ The cover is gorgeous.
✳ Ethan, it was good to see you again! ;)


"You've always made me feel as though the reason I was born... was so I could find you, love you, and that you could love me in return. I believe that with all my heart."