Behind His Eyes - Consequences - Aleatha Romig

[Behind His Eyes – Consequences + Consequences #4 + Aleatha Romig + Jan 2014 + 5★]

[My Thoughts & Favorite Quotes]

“Was she truly that strong? What were her limits? Could she be broken?”


✳ Consequences is one of my favorite series. It's very angst and emotional - the way I like! I couldn't wait to read the story told from Tony's POV. And I'm not disappointed. Behind His Eyes was an enlightening complement.

✳ As I already knew what to expect I could read this book more slowly - a chapter at a time - rather than hurry up and read it all in one day like I did with the other books in the series, and then take days to recover.

✳ Even though I already knew all that Anthony did with Claire, in this book I could see the real Tony. I guess I didn't want to see this in Consequences - me and Claire. He is much crueler than I let myself believe. He should have stayed longer in prison!

✳ The accident scene was the one I wanted to read. It wasn't easy...


“He’d allowed her to become more than that – more than just a Nichols! He’d trusted her – […]. For what? So that she could publicly discuss their relationship? […] Of course, it was her plan to get away from him. […] No damn woman, especially a Nichols, would have this much control over him!


✳ Tony certainly didn't love Claire at the end of the first book. I look forward to find out how he finally falls for her. Behind His Eyes - Truth will be released March 18, 2014.

“Tell me that we haven’t changed her and made her into a Rawlings”