Outlander  - Diana Gabaldon

 [Outlander + Outlander #1 + Diana Gabaldon + Jan 2014 + 5★ + Favorite] 


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“I meant it, ye know,” he said softly. “I will protect you. From him, or anyone else. To the last drop of my blood, mo duinne.”

“Mo duinne?” I asked, a little disturbed by the intensity of this speech. I didn’t want to be responsible for any of his blood being spilt, last drop or first.

“It means ‘my brown one.’ ” He raised a lock of hair to his lips and smiled, with a look in his eyes that started all the drops of my own blood chasing each other through my veins. “Mo duinne,” he repeated, softly. “I have been longing to say that to you.”


Claire - brave + intelligent + persistent
Jamie - protective + romantic + stubborn


“Well,” he said, kicking a pebble diffidently out of the way, “I said ye must wed me proper, in kirk, before a priest. Not just by contract. As for the other—he must find ye a suitable gown to be wed in.” He looked away, avoiding my gaze, and his voice was so soft I could scarcely hear him.

“I—I knew ye didna wish to wed. I wanted to make it…as pleasant as might be for you. I thought ye might feel a bit less…well, I wanted ye to have a decent dress, is all.


✳ I love an epic love story and I had high expectations about this book. I'm not disappointed.
✳ Diana Gabaldon’s writing is very detailed (I wanted to know everything!) but it was surprisingly fast - I couldn’t stop reading.
✳ There are a few funny passages in this book, but it’s not an easy read. The scenes involving violence were very painful to read.
✳ Jamie and Claire are true soul mates and it was beautiful to see they fall in love with each other. ❤❤❤
✳ I will definitely continue the series.


"The realization of Jamie’s imminent departure was deeply depressing; [...] And, to be perfectly honest, how much I liked the smooth, warm strength of him in my bed each night, and waking to his tousled, smiling kisses in the mornings. The prospect of his absence was bleak."




I'm ready to move to Scotland ;)